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The Closer You Get (Distance Between Us, #2)

The Closer You Get (Distance Between Us, #2) - L.A. Witt It was wonderful seeing Kieran again, I really loved him in The Distance Between Us, and it was nice to see Ethan and Rhett doing so well, too. When Rhett and Ethan's daughter Sabrina asks Kieran to show her friend Alex around Seattle's gay scene, he decides why not? Maybe he'll even get laid.But then he meets Alex, and everything changes. A virgin in EVERY way, Alex is tootempting to Kieran, but he doesn't want to move too fast, and he does NOT want a relationship. Kieran isn't a commitment-phobe, as he keeps telling everyone, he is a getting dumped-phobe, and has seen so many relationships end badly that he's just not willing to risk the pain.It was cute how other people realized Kieran was in love before he did, and I was really glad we didn't have page after page of Kieran being a dumbass in his effort to not be hurt. This book was sweet and romantic, and ohmygod hot. LA Witt remains my go to author for the hottest, steamiest, most gotta have it now sex. Maybe now that I've finished the book, I can get that old country song out of my head. It's been driving me nuts for days.