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The Cranberry Hush - Ben Monopoli I've only read a couple of self pubbed books, out of fear, fear of bad stories, bad editing. If books like this are what I've been missing out on, I'm going to have to hit up some more self pubbed books.I will say that, for me, this one was bittersweet, and the review itself is hard for me to put into words. It was very well written, the story just sucked me right in, and I ended up reading just about all night. The main characters were so well written, I ended up loving them all. I spent the whole time wavering between being mad at Vince, being mad at Griff, feeling bad for Zane, and wanting everyone to just wake up and see what's standing right in front of them all!I have to hand it to the author for NOT taking the story in the direction I was expecting. Even up to the very end, I kept waiting, and hoping, and expecting more, but when I got it, it was totally not what I expected. So now I'm sitting here, torn, because while it IS a HEA (or HFN maybe) it was NOT the HEA I was expecting in the beginning, and I haven't decided yet how I feel about it. It doesn't quite sit well in my romantic's heart, but I think it was exactly the way things should have ended, if that makes sense.