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Handle with Care - Josephine Myles This was a quick, sweet read. I did feel that Ollie fell for Ben maybe TOO fast, and didn't really understand what it was based on- a few minutes every day as he made deliveries? (and who can afford THAT much porn?) I'm also not sure that I bought into the happy ever after. Ollie just felt TOO young somehow. I've read books with age differences before, and even with one guy who was REALLY young, but I don't know if I bought the maturity in Ollie. In a lot of ways, he felt even younger than the 20 than he was, and I'm not sure that I don't see him eventually growing up and moving on. I did enjoy Ben a lot, and got how his health could make him so insecure, and I loved his sister, and thought the medical aspects of this story were very well done.