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Breathe (Colorado Mountain, #4) - Kristen Ashley This isn't really a review, so much as my rambling thoughts about this book, cobbled together in one place. So sorry if it's both ranty and rambling. It started out good, I liked Faye, and felt for Chace's suffering. But then Chace decided to stop fighting what he felt for Faye, and it got real boring. Just a bunch of whispering and sighing and fraking and sex and relationship stuff. S.l.o.w. But then the Miah stuff really kicked in, and it felt like too much was crammed in at once. Miah and the people after the tapes and the library stuff, and Chace's family stuff. It kept jumping back and forth so quickly.I loved seeing Ally (from the Rock Chick series) pop up, but I don't quite see how she fit. I know we didn't get a ton of Ally in the RC series, but I can't recall ANY indication she was a computer person or a sci fi geek. Now I'm going to want to skim back through that series to see how many times she mentioned Nathan Fillion. So where did that come from? Left field. Hopefully that gets explained in her book, which I really think should have come before this one.Some of the sentences were so convoluted I gave up trying to understand exactly, and hoped I just got the gist of it.The sci fi parts didn't bother me, and Faye being such a reader, I really identified with her. Like, a lot. Living in a fantasy world doesn't mean you're totally out of the real world. I actually liked most of her sci fi rants, in particular, about Trane's father being worse than Darth Vader, cause at least he gave Luke a choice on the dark side. He asked. I was laughing so hard during that part.I hated that Miah and Becky had to leave, and would have liked to have seen them grow. I get the feeling Miah, at least, is more sequel bait. We'll see more of him. I also want to see Darius get a story, think that'll happen? I find it kinda ridiculous that one member of the city council doesn't like some of the books in their town's library (Twilight and Harry Potter? WTF?), so instead of trying to boot or at least shut up the one council member, they are instead planning to shut the library down and blame it on budget cuts.Props to D. Stom on Ammy for pointing out something that's always bugged me. KA's disgust with all things related to ass play. Now I don't need or expect anal play in all my books, but the way everyone was so disgusted, sickened, by what Chace's dad was doing in those tapes? From what I gathered, it was just a little bit pegging. Be disgusted that he was cheating on his wife with a couple of whores? Fine, I get that, but ass play is not this big evil thing, even if the guy is the one taking it up the ass from a chick.I think a more fitting title for this book would have been "Holding Out For A Hero". For one, it would have set it apart from all the other "Breathe/Breathing" titles out there. For another, that's what Faye has been doing for 13 years- Holding out for a Hero. She sang the song, she cried to it, they danced to it at their wedding. I just think it fit better.I don't think the Elite stuff was well explained at ALL. Just a plot point to add more drama to the story, that's been going on through several books and still doesn't feel resolved.The epilogue was all over the place. I don't mind seeing a snippet what happens a few years down the road. The whole last 10% of this book was the epilogue though! A year and a half later, then a year and five months earlier, wtf? It took me a bit to figure out it skipped from the day before the wedding to what was I'm guessing a week or so after Faye was buried in the backyard. (and seriously? Could you EVER sit on your back porch and look out over the yard you were BURIED ALIVE in??) Then skipping all over the place between a week after burial to the wedding day. Then to Miah's graduation day. TOO much jumping around.