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Knight (Unfinished Hero, #1) - Kristen Ashley Writing this really pains me. I have loved every KA book I have read so far, even the first Rock Chick, even Heaven and Hell, even Play it Safe. But this one, not so much.I know KA said it was going to be different from the norm. Hotter. Anti-hero alpha instead of your typical hero alpha. (but seriously? Tack is an anti-hero, IMO. A pimp? Not so much) And she did that. This was different.Sure, Knight had the same vibe all her other men have. To the Nth degree. I think he reminded me of Ty more than anyone else. A guy who wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty. A man who calls women bitches.I didn't love it. I don't even know if I LIKED it. It felt soulless somehow. There was no buildup, there was one meeting, then "we're in a relationship". I just didn't feel the love between these two. He bought her stuff (which she said wasn't why she loved him), he told her what to do, and he fucked her good. That was it, the whole basis for the relationship. He only seemed to be into her because she wasn't after his money. He had the whole control vibe down, but I don't feel it was ever clarified why he needed that control. Also, his job- KA said he was an anti-hero. To me, a pimp, no matter how nice he is to his woman, or how fairly he treats his girls, is not any kind of hero.And the way Ana, sorry, Anya, just accepted everything he told her, was just too much for me.Also, I'm getting REAL tired of the her calling women "bitches", and the way he kept calling it "my pussy" wasn't hot at all, it was just jerkish behavior.