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Texas Pride - Kindle Alexander I know this book has a lot of great reviews, and while I loved the characters and the basic premise, the editing was horrible, and I felt the story kind of went of the rails in a few places, so I can't justify giving it more than 3 stars. Sad, because this was totally heading for a 4.5 in the beginning.I loved cowboy Kitt and actor Austin, two men deep in their own closets. I got their reasons why they hid who they are, and NEVER had that feeling of "just come out already". I enjoyed watching them grow closer, figuring out why Kitt was so damaged and why Austin hated his celebrity life so much.But then by the end, the author had just thrown in too much. Rich and Mercedes and the hacker? Those scenes felt just thrown in, as did the stuff about Kitt's dad and Verne. I think it would have been better to just have the letters found after Verne died.I also didn't get why, after trying so hard to get OUT, and assuring Kitt that he wanted him and their life on the ranch, just a year later, and Austin is making another movie! Yes, he's doing it on his own terms, and on the ranch, but he just won't be able to do that forever. I would have been happier to have seen them settled into ranch life, with Hollywood a distant memory, which it will never be, if Austin keeps making films.