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Sheltered - Charlotte Stein I'm a little over halfway through this one, and I'm struggling with it.First of all, Evie has been raised very sheltered. Apparently, she went to christian schools and now a christian college, hasn't been allowed to watch or read "inappropriate" tv, movies, or books and magazines. At one point she thought to herself she wasn't even sure what went in what opening, sex wise.So how does she even KNOW the terms "pussy", "clit", and "dick", if she's been so sheltered.Also, it's been implied that her father beats her, but I haven't seen any evidence of that. No bruises, no flinching away from Van.And then Van. He seems well aware of the life Evie leads. How sheltered she is, how her dad treats her. How? How does he know, is it like the neighborhood's dirty little secret?Then there's Van himself. What does he see in Evie, and more importantly, what does Evie see in him? I'm not saying there's nothing there, but all I see on Evie's part is lust, while Van seems to genuinely like her and want to protect her.I'm going to finish this, I just wanted to get these thoughts and questions down while they were fresh in my mind.ETA: I finished it up, and my thoughts throughout the book remain. It had the POTENTIAL to be a really good, deep, moving story, but it just didn't go into Evie's life enough, or really, any at all. I wanted to know more about her upraising, her parents, where she learned the things she DID know about sex, and how she knew what she did, but still didn't even know what went where. I think this just goes into why I much prefer romance over erotica and even a lot of erotic romance- I like the depth, the angst, the heart, not just the fucking.