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Noah (5th Street, #1) - Elizabeth Reyes First off- editing. Again. Misused words like to/too, your/you're, where/were. Sentences that needed commas. Sentences that were just structured poorly enough that you need to read them a couple of times to make sense out of them. I've seen worse, but still, there's no excuse for these sort of errors to pop up in books that you pay good money for.I will say I liked this one much better than the two books I've read in the Moreno Brothers series. Noah was adorable, and even though he got jealous, he was still a always a gentleman, always respected what Roni wanted, and never let his jealous go over the top, and never, ever tried to exert any type of control over her.But then there is Roni. She was annoying in the beginning, with her depression. I understand grieving over losing a loved one, but her thoughts of "what's the point of loving someone, they'll just go away" was a bit much. And her constantly referring to herself as fat, fat ass, only to find out she weighed roughly 160 pounds, I almost put the book aside then and there. I know, all of us women have image issues, we've all felt fat, and being a bit overweight can really mess with our self esteem. However, an author making a big deal out of a woman who is, essentially, a size 12, which is average in this country, is NOT doing us women any favors. If Roni felt like a fatass at 160, what hope is there for me, at 180?But she loses the weight quickly, so that's all ok. *rolls eyes* She becomes friendly with Noah, her trainer, and when the storms damage his roof, she offers him a place to stay at her house. In spite of the fact that she's 28, and he's only 20, they are attracted to each other, but they fight it for a while. Roni fights it a lot longer than Noah does, he admits, to himself, and to her, that he's in love with her, way before she does.And then comes the wishy washy TSTL syndrome. Roni goes back and forth. He's too young, no it'll be ok. Back and forth like a ping pong ball. She doesn't want to lead him on, but makes out with him every night in the hallway before bed. Then she pulls away. She gets jealous over a girl named Rita, who is Noah's sort of "friend with benefits", but never anything more, questioning every detail about them, and then she hides the fact that she's met with her ex-boyfriend Derek more than once. More often than not, it felt like Roni was the 20 year old, not Noah. She's the one who kept playing games, with him, with herself, with Derek. She should have told Derek straight up she wasn't interested anymore. She should have told Noah the truth about meeting with Derek, instead of trying to "spare his feelings". (I think she just wanted to spare herself the conflict)The steam factor in this one was nice, the chemistry, but no sex til the very end of the story. In the end, I thought it wrapped up a bit too easily, but other than my frustrations with Roni, and the HORRIBLE editing, this was a pretty good story. I do think I'll check out Gio eventually.