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Good For You (Between the Lines, #3) - Tammara Webber I admit that I was wary going into this one. Say what you want about Reid, but he was NOT a very nice guy in the previous two books in this series. He's spoiled, he drinks to much, he sleeps around a LOT, treats women pretty crappy, and manipulates to try to get what he wants.So when I heard book 3 was totally about him, I was cautious, but I had heard good things, so I forged ahead. And I am SO glad I did! Reid really redeemed himself a lot in this one. We knew all along that Reid was just a product of his environment, he was raised allowed to do whatever he wanted, he has money, so how he turned out wasn't so surprising. But having Dori, a pastor's daughter, a real "save the world" type, be the one to bring the hidden depths of Reid to life was a delightful surprise. I loved watching Reid really fall for someone- not just want to get them into bed. Even with Emma, he just wanted her. He liked her, but never enough to want to be a better man. Dori brought that out in him, and it was a wonderful sight to see.And so now, I've gone from being wary about a book about Reid to wanting ANOTHER book about Reid and Dori, to see how they make their two very different worlds mesh into a great relationship. We all know it can't be totally smooth sailing from here, and I'd love to see the bumps on the road, and how they overcome them.