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Wishing For Someday Soon - Tiffany King I figured this would be nicely angsty, and jerk a few tears. While I did tear up at a couple of points, over all, I thought this book was too....easy? I guess that's the word I'm looking for?Katelyn has been dealing with her flighty, abusive mother for seventeen years. The only reason she hasn't left long ago was because of her little brother, Kevin. They are both waiting til the day she turns eighteen, so they can leave on their own. Until then, they deal with abuse, both verbal and physical, an endless stream of "step-dweebs", living in cars and shelters, and moving at least 20 times in the last 10 years.Now, they are in a trailer park in Montana, about to start at yet another new school. It's a very small school, K-12 all in one building, with only 15 kids in Katelyn's senior class.Katelyn has learned to avoid getting too close, and not let anyone figure out exactly how hard her life is. Closeness leads to questions, and leads to pain when they have to move on again.Only that's not so easy once Katelyn meets Max. And here's where the to easy part starts up. I know it's odd to say that a life where your mother beats you fairly regularly is easy, but once they get to Montana, it really is. Everyone in this town is perfect. The kids are all universally nice, the teachers are caring and patient, even the parents are good. When Katelyn goes to use a state voucher to get school clothes for herself and Kevin, the thrift store worker even lets her use a "Senior" discount, and a few other discounts, so that Katelyn can afford everything. The old man at the store across the street is very sweet, letting them use his bathroom when their pipes freeze, giving them money for groceries, and even buying Katelyn and her brother tons of expensive gifts for Christmas.So suddenly Katelyn finds herself with a hot, sweet, caring, perfect boyfriend, nice friends, teachers that actually give a crap. Of course, it's too good, and Katelyn tries to pull away from everyone, but it doesn't last. She allows herself to be drawn back in, to the perfection that is Max and his family.Then, suddenly, as usual, her mom is ready to move on yet again, but for the first time, Katelyn refuses to go, which ends up resulting in a terrible event happening, which lands her brother in the hospital, but then she finds out everyone in town is behind her and her brother. They now have foster homes, and Katelyn is headed off to college in the fall with Max, and everything is perfect, and just so...easy.The story was good, the writing was good, the characters were good. Nothing exceptional. Nothing I'll remember by next week. The editing had a couple of glitches, but was much better than some of the self pubs I've read lately. I guess I just wanted more depth, more angst, for change to not come so easily. I know they really deserved it, but things just don't change for the better that fast, at least not in my experience.