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Across The Hall - N.M. Facile Ok, the story wasn't BAD, but it's so obvious where the origins of this story lie, that even if I didn't know it started as Twi-fic, it was glaringly obvious.The heroine is clumsy, she doesn't feel as pretty as her friends. She and the guy met in Biology class, where they got closer and formed a relationship. He broke up with her for her own good, and she slides into a deep depression, just going through the motions of life until her friend, Jason Bratt, manages to pull her out of her grief. The hero is good, protective, beautiful, strong, and drives like a maniac.As fanfic, this story is decent, but I feel it is REALLY wrong for someone to make money on something so OBVIOUSLY cribbed off of someone else's work.At least with Fifty Shades, the similarities to it's origins were fainter, and if you weren't looking for it, you'd probably not even figure out it started out as Twi-Fic.