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Taking Shots (Assassins, #1) - Toni Aleo When I first downloaded this book, I thought the editing was HORRIBLE. And then I found out there was a revised edition, so I downloaded that so I could leave the most fair review possible.The editing was better, but there were still a few rough spots. Misused words, mostly. Shea did a lot of sitting on his "hunches", I think the author meant "haunches", and I noticed worse instead of worst a few times. But overall, it was much cleaner.The story was pretty good though. I understood Elli's issues, to a point. I got why she still feels fat, even if she isn't, and why she doesn't feel good enough, after what her ex and her family put her through.But after a while, I wanted to tell her to just get over it. Shea was so good and patient and loving with her. Everything she threw out at him, he took it and came back for more. Most men would have just washed their hands, but not Shea. He loved her, and knew she was worth fighting for.The only part I really just didn't like was the last 15% of the book or so. That mess with Elli's sister was just TOO much. Elli knew Shea, and more than that, she knew Victoria, how could she believe her over him? It just made NO sense at all, and I wanted to shake her.So, because of the ridiculousness of that, and the still poor, but not so terrible editing, this one ended up being a 3 star read.