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Unearthing Cole - A. M. Arthur I only had one complaint about this story (other than the lack of jumper cables. A good old southern boy would know about jumper cables, and at least tried to jump start his car) was the ending with the ex, it just felt a bit too easy somehow. Otherwise, I really loved this book, and even shed a tear or two for poor Cole. Oh, and I've been to Franklin, NC, more mention of the mountains would have been nice! I also think it was a dry county (20 years ago anyway) and yet Jeremy had beer, but that's just nitpicking there, lol!I did think the hoarding aspect was very well done, and Cole did actually have all the earmarks of an abuse victim, the always looking over his shoulder, the cringing away. I thought he made some good strides, but I do think that he still has a way to go, and would kinda like to see a sequel, to see how it all goes for him and Jeremy.