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Here Comes Trouble - A.E. Via From zero to "My Two Dads" in under five seconds!

The cop its took a backseat to the family drama in this one. Considering the outlandish nature of the police business in this series, that should have been a good thing, but that's not the case, because the family bits ended up being even more outlandish than the cop parts ever were.

This is the story of Green and Ruxs, two of God and Day's detectives. They've been partners for years, when they both start to feel more for each other. All those bits are pretty good, but it started to go off the rails when the kid came into play.

We first met Curtis in book 1, he was the kid robbing the store, that God and Day helped out. The task force kinda took the kid under their wings, helping him out, giving him work, and just becoming like family. But Curtis' sick mother passes away, and that's where the silly bits started. The very day Curtis' mom dies, Social Services comes in and grabs Curtis, a good kid who is almost 18, who has an entire police group willing to take him in, and puts him in a horrible group home. Green and Ruxs and Day get him home, where they immediately jump to "my two dads". I find it hard to believe SS would come in like that, to take a kid almost 18 away from freaking police officers, and I find it hard to believe they'd jump straight to "dads" and "son". Now that I think about it, I also find it hard to believe that Curtis' mom wouldn't have already had something in place regarding a guardian for her son, considering how ill she was, and for how long.

The editing was bad here, too. The words were mostly right, but the sentence structure was awful. A LOT of sentences were broken into two. When they really just needed a comma. Making them jarring and awkward.(see what I did there?)

Then there was the timeline, which makes my head hurt. In book 1, God is reunited with his brother Genesis, a senior in high school, making him roughly 17-18. (eta, I just checked, Gen was 17 in book 1. "His brother was at least six-foot-two already at the young age of seventeen")Now, Gen plays football for the Bulldogs, and is 22. In book 1, Curtis tries to rob a store, and we learn here he was 15 at the time, but while 4-5 years have passed for Gen, Curtis is only 17! I said before this series is like a soap opera, and apparently the author also subscribes to soaps' wonky aging syndrome, too!

So, for me, the first half of this book was close to a 4 star read, the last half was a 2 star read, so I'm going with the average, and giving it a 3.