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Helix - Saras_Girl I swear, Sara's Girl can do NO wrong. It's like she knows the characters, all of them, better than just about anyone.

This is an 8th year fic, everyone back at school. Harry has been trying to be friendly with Draco pretty much keeps to himself, and ignores all Harry's overtures of friendship. Then, after a huge misunderstanding (and fight of course) McGonagall assigns them to a project together, which forces them to spend hours night together, overseeing the mating of a rare breed of snail.

Being forced into such close contact makes the boys finally start to get along, and it all just flows together beautifully after that. No huge fights, no big misunderstandings, no major declarations. They just seem to slide effortlessly into friendship and then more.

This was just a beautiful, sweet, soft sort of read.