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The Right Time (Right and Wrong Stories) - Lane Hayes I'm wavering between 3 and 4 stars, but I'll go ahead and give it the bump.

I loved Nate and Alex, and felt their relationship grew in a great way. What I didn't get was why Alex kept talking about "coming out" to his father, when his father had known he was gay since he was 18. His father just didn't want it public, which, yeah, bad dad, but still, he knew Alex was gay.

The other thing that I didn't get was Alex's anger at the end revelation about Julie. Nate TRIED to tell him, and Alex said it didn't matter, it was in the past, he didn't need to know. Then what's with all the righteous anger? It just didn't fit his character and felt out of left field.

One thing that's kinda bugged me this whole series is all the characters seem to have this mini-mine field of secrets, just waiting for someone to bumble onto them, and leaving the reader wondering what the heck is going on. A year ago, fifteen years ago, four years ago, these things kept getting alluded to, but then the reveal wasn't that big, and I just wondered why these things didn't just come out naturally in the story, instead of making them seem larger than they really were.