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Embracing His Syn - A.E. Via Ok, first off, Via really needs to stop being so effusive in her thanks to her editor in the acknowledgements, because the editing in these books just ain't that good. I've read worse, but I expect better from books that cost this much.

Now on to the book itself- utter brain candy. There isn't any mental nutrition to be found in these books. The plots are completely illogical, make no sense, points are dropped or unexplained. But I really didn't care, because it was just FUN. I went ahead and gave this 4 stars, not because of the quality of the writing or the plot, but just how much fun I had reading it.

I wonder how long the author sits, thinking up these absurd names: Cashel "God" Godfrey, Leonidas Day, Furious AKA Furi, Sydney AKA "Syn". Don't even ask how she got Syn out of Sydney, I stopped trying to figure that out early on.