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The Last Guy Breathing (The Guy Series) - Skylar M. Cates I liked this, and I didn't. It took me quite a while to warm up to Locke. He was cold and mean, and he judged Henry way too harshly at the beginning, assuming he was just another rich guy who did whatever he wanted. But I did finally warm up to him, and understood a bit about why he was the way he was. Henry, I liked and felt for from the start.

I wasn't too interested in the case they were working together. It felt like it had a bit too much going on, and I felt there were a few loose ends. For instance, the Meg character didn't really serve any point in the story, just someone Locke was trying to help out, and a big mention of how tired Henry was feeling, that never got mentioned again. I also felt a yanked out of things with the bit about the couple from the previous book's problems, but that's probably because I skipped the first book to read this one. I intend to go back and read that one though.

I did enjoy watching Locke and Henry get closer. The sex was pretty smoking, and even the emotion was good, not sappy, until the last few pages, and I can deal with a bit of "I love you" sap at the very end.