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Cornerstone - Vendelin I loved this fic. This was an all human AU, with some of the same characters, but not nearly all of them. The author managed to keep Derek and Stiles pretty true to who they really are, even though they both had vastly different reasons for being that way.

Derek is fairly fresh out of the Marines, and suffering from some pretty hardcore PTSD, and Stiles has been blind since high school. Derek is his usual gruff, socially inept self, while Stiles is just as sarcastic and talkative as usual, but with no mention of his ADD. They meet pretty much by accident, but form a sort of friendship, which oh so slowly grows into more.

My only real complaint here is how little these guys really talked, and how few details we, the readers, got about certain things. We didn't find out how Stiles lost his sight until fairly late in the story, and I don't think we are ever told how the Hales died in this one, only that they were dead. There was no Kate, no tragic dating history, and no mention of the fire.

Another thing that I liked was that this author didn't just stick TW characters into things randomly. I was glad to see the guy dating for five minutes was someone we hadn't seen before, I half expected him to be Matt or Aiden or something. Too many authors try to cram every TW character ever into even the most minor or roles, rather than coming up with their own, so this was refreshing for me.

I highly recommend this story to Sterek and non-Sterek lovers as well. The story doesn't rely on much of the "Standard" TW world building, so even a non-watcher or reader can jump in and not feel lost.