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The Littlest Alpha - triedunture I think I liked this more than some of my GR friends, but I still think it had lots of problems.

I didn't think Derek acted much like himself. Sure, he was a bit growly, but that's about it. I also thought his sudden declaration of love and living together came out of nowhere, it just seemed too fast, even if he HAD been thinking of saying it for a while. You just don't spring an ILY and move in with me and my wolf baby and forget college after the first freaking kiss, and that didn't feel like a Derek thing to do, at ALL.

And then, to top it all off, they lost the freaking baby! Yes I know that's a spoiler, but I also know most of my Sterek friends hate it when the baby gets taken away, so I'm spoiling. Derek and Stiles find an alpha baby, and Derek decides to take care of it, because the Alpha pack never leave survivors, only this time, they did, and months later, an aunt and a sister show up, and take cute little Bobby away!

Even the knotting wasn't particularly hot, it felt more mechanical and cold than anything else- even the pornish scene with Derek covered in his own jizz! (ok that one was a little hot)