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Waiting For Our Superman - tearsandholdme Some parts of this I really loved. Stiles is an Omega, who was knocked up by his FWB during one of his heats. FWB stuck around for awhile, but walked out without a word during Stiles' 8th month. Now he's alone with a baby, and he gets evicted. Laura finds out, and kinda makes Derek let Stiles and baby Jamie move into Derek's spare room.

Derek is very antisocial, as usual. But he and Stiles feel kind of an immediate attraction, although neither act on it for several months. Stiles doesn't want to screw up their frienship, plus he doesn't want to be back out on the street. But eventually, they do give in to their attraction.

And this is where things kinda fell apart for me. They lived together for months as roommates and then friends. Then they both admit they like each other, have the sex that same night, and within two weeks, they know it's forever, do the mating bite thing, and that's it. Or it should have been, IMO.

It got a bit boring to me at this point, and then it skipped forward a year in time, and Stiles is pregnant again, and Jamie's dad shows up, acting like a dick. some melodrama ensues with all this, but it all ends well.

If you like Sterk with kids, this is great. Jamie was adorable, and more importantly, age appropriate, which can be tough to find in fics. It was decently written, it just didn't really hit all the buttons I wanted it to hit.