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Merrick - Claire Cray This was quite good! It wasn't like most of the M/M vampire romances I've come across, it wasn't overly sappy and fluffy, it was atmospheric and a bit moody. The writing reminded me a bit of a certain other famous vampire author's (who I will NOT be mentioning here, thank you very much!) earlier work, in the tone and the style, with a bit of Meyer's self sacrificing vampire lead thrown into the mix.

Set in 1799 in New York, William is found guilty of drunk and disorderly and a few other things (most of which he didn't actually do!) and is sentenced to 5 years as an indentured servant. He is sent off to work for Merrick, a mysterious, elderly healer, who keeps his entire body and face covered at all times. He finds himself drawn to (and frightened of) his new master, who is very kind and patient with William.

I really enjoyed the world that Cray created here. It wasn't overly detailed, but descriptive enough that I could actually see the cabin that they lived in, and the foggy paths that they walked while picking herbs and helping people.

Slow and easy, I definitely recommend this to readers who enjoy a good vampire story, especially a historical set one.