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Model Citizen - Lissa Kasey I really enjoyed this book! Great characters, interesting mystery, very well written, just a real page turner (clicker?).

I have to say, from the very beginning I doubted whether Nathan really killed himself. It just never felt right, that he would leave Ollie that way.

Ollie was such a fun, if major prickly character. He has a very feminine look, and even wears dresses and skirts, heels and wedge sandals, but you never feel that Ollie is anything but a man, which I loved. Ollie is still reeling from a lot of things, first his lover cheating on him, and then the death of his brother, Nathan. He's barely hanging on when the book starts.

Kade is a guy fresh out of the Marines, healing from injuries of his own. He was really close with Nathan while they were overseas together, and spent a lot of his leave time with Nathan and Ollie. It seems that he's had a thing for Ollie for years, and was just waiting for his chance.

I thought Ollie and Kade went well together, both professionally as well as personally. They just complimented each other so well, and I'm ready to see how they do without Ollie getting in his own way all the time.

Looking forward to the next book to see what's next for our guys.