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Nothing Special - A.E. Via I'm really torn on this one. There was a lot that I liked, and a lot that was utterly ridiculous. The plot was outlandish, the character names were crazy, and the editing, while better than the first edition seems to have been, still needs a bit more work. At times, I thought the guys were too sappy with each other, and sometimes I found their speech to be too formal. What seventeen year old boy is going to say "Our mother" instead of just "Mom"?

I genuinely liked all the characters, although I didn't buy the sudden turnaround of a couple of them, as well as how the stuff with Cash's family got resolved so damned easily.

To be honest, I thought the book could have finished up at the 80% mark. Nothing else that happened felt really necessary (other than ONE sex scene between God and Day), especially the (admittedly hot) way out of left field four way between the two cops that God and Day hated up until around a month ago.

This book was nothing but brain candy. A soap opera for the reader. Good thing I like soaps!