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And You Say You're Alone - taelynhawker I love fics that deal with the aftermath of things on the show, that the show writers SHOULD have dealt with. Things like after the Nogitsune, after Derek goes full wolf, or in this case, after Gerard kidnaps Stiles in season 2. It makes sense that these big events that happen on the show should leave some lasting effects, but the show NEVER deals with this at all.

This one picks up with Stiles in that basement, and he's hurt much worse than he was in the show, hurt in some very permanent ways. This fic goes into him healing, Scott being an ass, and Stiles helping Derek and his pack, and Stiles and Derek becoming a couple. I thought it dealt nicely with Stiles' pain, both from his injuries, and with the fact that Scott's not the only one that's been dealing with this strange new reality. No matter how many times Scott tries to say that Stiles can just walk away while Scott can't, he really can't, especially after Gerard is done with him.

I do wish this story had had either a sequel or at least an epilogue. I'd like to have seen Scott finally GET it, and maybe even join the pack, but I guess it ended on a good enough space.