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Bitten - Betitaintme My very first TW fanfic where Sterek wasn't the main focus. Had good potential, but the writing was hard to read, it had way too much shit happening in way too short a time, and became way over the top with the "my mate, love you so much, you're so perfect" blah blah blah.

This story was about Isaac and an original character, who moves to Beacon Hills and is bitten by a rogue omega wolf. The only way to save him is to give him the bite, and he turns out to be Isaac's mate.

Both guys have a pretty bad self esteem, neither believes the other could want him. Isaac goes with Eric back to Texas to help him sort his life out for the move, and to help him with his control. Then all sorts of crap starts happening. A group of hunters (working with a wolf) popping up all over the place, a roommate suddenly declaring his love, people getting injected with wolfsbane, shot, kidnapped and beaten, stabbed, even raped. Yes, Eric is raped, and I don't think the author really got the fallout of that right. Other than a couple of quick freakouts, it's like it never happened.

And then there is the writing. This author apparently needs a good long lesson in comma use and dialogue formatting. She barely used any commas at all, quote marks are often used incorrectly, and there were huge walls of speech, rather than switching paragraphs when the speaker changed, making this very hard to read, and hard to always know who was talking, and when the speaker changed.