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Come See About Me - the_misfortune_teller So I've been reading a few Teen Wolf fics that aren't Derek/Stiles lately. Not all of them are worthy, IMO, of an entry, but this one, I really loved.

This is all about Stiles and Isaac, a kind of AU after season 2. Scott is doing summer school, and Stiles and Isaac become closer, starting what is first a friends with benefits thing, that grows into more.

The tags have it listed as slow burn, and while there might not have been actual penetrative sex until pretty late in the story, there are blow jobs and hand jobs and frottage aplenty, from very early on in the story. LOTS of sex, in every single chapter. So if you're looking for something light on the skin on skin time, this isn't the fic for you.

This story was sweet, and surprisingly not too angsty. The only real angst was of the "he doesn't like me as much as I like him" variety.

My main complaints were there was mentioning of Derek being weird about Isaac being with Stiles, which I wish had gotten some discussion on why, and, I think at least some time in an Isaac central story should focus on him dealing with his abuse by his father, which didn't really happen here.

Will definitely be checking out more from this author, as this was very well written, not a bunch of editing errors.