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There Should Be A Place - imtheonekeepingyoualive, frerardestiel Loved this! It's after season 3b, Stiles is not dealing with the post-Nogitsune stuff. Guilt, nightmares, the usual. Derek has moved to Montana, but he and Stiles keep in touch. Stiles decides he needs to get out of Beacon Hills for a bit, and goes to visit Derek.

This fic has some great sexitimes, a good story, decent angst. No outside big bads, no mystery, just Stiles and Derek, taking their own sweet time getting their shit together. And it DOES take a while, even after they have the sex, because Stiles thinks it's just sex, and Derek doesn't want to tie Stiles down to someone like him. Again, the usual. So angst, good sex, separation, more angst, mates, and so forth!