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rock - Anyta Sunday It's not that often that I seem to love a book that all my friends are raving about. I always seem to have slightly different taste than everyone else. I'll like it, but I won't love it. This time though, everyone was right on the money! This book was more than just a romance, it was a love story and family drama and angst, all perfectly blended into a beautiful story. Cooper's family falls apart when he's just a kid, and his dad has a new family. At first, he is so angry, but it doesn't take long for a close friendship to grow between Coop and his not quite stepbrother Jace. We get to see two families come together, how they fight and grow, and also how two young men finally come to the realization that all that really matters is that they love each other more than anything.

Yes, I admit to shedding a couple of tears while reading this, but I wasn't a sobbing mess this time.