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Sleigh Ride - Heidi Cullinan This was a really cute story about two total opposites, who end up with someone totally opposite from someone they ever thought they'd want. Arthur was just so fun, loud and funny and sweet, and Gabriel was mostly quiet and shy, but with hidden depth and urges he didn't understand.

I did expect more kinky sex, being that it's Heidi Cullinan, AND that Gabriel had un-plumbed kinks, just waiting to be tried out, but other than a bit of dominance and spanking, and one rope scene, the sex was fairly vanilla.

I enjoyed all the side characters, and just love this little town. I also love that everyone isn't perfect. The town and it's people are poor, not well off, Gabe is too tall and too thin, and Arthur is short with a bit of a belly. It's nice to read about real people once in a while!

But don't tell me, we have to wait another whole YEAR for Paul to get his story?