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Unwrapping Hank

Unwrapping Hank - Eli Easton Completely cute, and the perfect read to kick off the Holiday book season- sweet, without being overly schmaltzy.

I admit, it did take me a bit to warm up to Hank, he wasn't very likable to me at the beginning. I didn't like how he immediately disliked Greg for (seemingly) no reason, even to go as far as to vote against him joining the frat, when he'd never even talked to the guy. But once you read further, it started to make sense, and then I felt for the guy.

Also, really cool idea, having the guy rebel against his free thinking, hippie parents by becoming really conservative and "straight".

Greg was great. It kind of felt like he spoke/thought in ways that were too mature for a guy his age, but it made sense, due to his parents. Very smart people who expected him to interact with their friends as an adult from a very young age WOULD do that to a guy.

I loved the farm stuff, and Micah and Hank's family was AWESOME.