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My End and My Beginning - leo_draconis A retelling of the Deathly Hallows, in this one, it's Draco that pulls Harry out of the lake with the sword, not Ron. He ends up traveling with Harry and Hermione on the Horcrux hunt, and Harry eventually finds out that Draco is a Veela, and Harry is his mate. Then, at the battle of Hogwarts, when Harry dies, their Mate bond is broken. Due to Draco ending up pregnant they decide to try to be together anyway, although living together is a bit of a struggle at first.

I thought this was well written, but it felt a bit rushed. I just would have liked to have seen more time spent on the relationship stuff, more details. I also wish that in the end, something would have happened to bring the mate bond back, AFTER they fell in love with each other.