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Now THIS is what an M/M biker book should be!

These were BAD boys. Stitch, in particular, was a bad guy. He's not a gushy marshmallow, he's not easy, in fact, there are times, several times, when he is a huge prick. But I always managed to cut him some slack, because it's really all he knows how to be, it's how he interacted with everyone around him. Stitch is secretly gay in a world where this would NOT be ok, would NOT be accepted, even a little bit. He has hidden and pushed that side of him down his whole life, so this book is about him finding someone to explore that side of himself with, and I loved how when he met Zak, he became free. It took a lot of shit for him to finally admit who he was, and even then, it wasn't until he had no other choice, and it did cause huge repercussions.

Zak is a tattoo artist, he's tatted and pierced and yummy. He also doesn't take any shit. When Stitch is out of line, Zak lets him know it. He doesn't sit around and cry and wring his hands. And once he finally understands just how Stitch is, and how Stitch sees things between them, Zak is all in.

There were several things, plot wise, that I did NOT expect. As I said, these are BAD guys, mayhem and destruction seems to follow them around. I wish there had been maybe one more chapter, or an epilogue, so we could see how our guys do after their life is forced into such a major change. I felt the ending was a bit too abrupt, with lots of loose ends for these guys.

This book did have a few minor little things- awkward sentences that I had to read a couple of times to understand, and the way some people talked didn't seem appropriate to who they were at times, for instance, a 5 year old saying "as well". On the whole though, this book was very well done, editing and all.