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Tell Me It's Real - T.J. Klune

I kind of waffled between 4 and 5 stars for this one, but finally settled on 5, just for the sheer joy I felt through just about the whole thing. Yes, I did get a bit lost in Paul's rambles more than once, but I think that was probably the point. I adored everyone in this book, Paul, Sandy/Helena, Vince (oh, sweet Vince!), even Paul's family and Vince's friend Darren, they were all great.

Paul is quiet, shy, maybe a bit nerdy, maybe a bit less than thin, but he is also sweet and smart and kind and funny, and the things that he says and the tangents that his brain goes off on will never bore a potential love interest.

Vince is everything Paul is not- he is buff and sexy and outgoing, and so what if he's not so smart about some things. People kept saying that, that Vince wasn't smart, but I didn't find that to be the case at all. Vince misses out on some things, but on the things that mattered, I thought Vince was smart as hell. So he mixed up words and doesn't know everything, that doesn't make him stupid. And he saw something in Paul, something that Sandy and his family had been trying to get him to see in himself for years, and I loved Vince for that. I loved how he kept right on going, and how he wouldn't take no for an answer, in such an endearing way. Vince totally made this book for me.



Oh, I almost forgot to mention how FUNNY this book was! I had to stop myself from waking my husband up more than once last night, as I giggled out loud in bed. Paul's mental ramblings, the fierceness that was Helena Handbasket/Sandy, Paul's totally wacky but wonderful family, Nana's homophobic parrot Johnny Depp, there were SO many laugh out loud moments in this book.


And TJ, love, please tell me we're going to get a story about Sandy/Helena and Darren someday? The little bits you gave us here were just so tantalizing!