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Ethan and Dominic - Dianna Bell Ok, I hate to do this, but this was just bad. Wrong words, changing tenses, incomplete sentences, missing words, extra words, hell, Ethan was even referred to as "her" once or twice.

Ethan and Dominic were best friends their whole lives, and were starting to become more, when Ethan suddenly pulled away and became even more introverted than he'd always been. Now, it's years later (I'm guessing at least 10, Dominic is a doctor with his own practice, Ethan is a chef with his own restaurant), and Dominic still loves Ethan, but Ethan still shies away from all physical contact. Finally, a panic attack from Ethan forces Dominic to confront him about what changed all those years ago.

Seems school jock Corey brutally raped Ethan at school, and Ethan never told. Instead he pulled away from his friends, has panic attacks, doesn't date. I find it a bit hard to believe that Dominic didn't confront Ethan sooner, but ok. Then once he learns the truth, in about a day,Dominic finds out the guy has been investigated for all kinds of stuff, but the charges never stuck. So scared, panic attacky Ethan decides to confront him about what he did to him, and get it on tape. That very same night, Dominic gets a lawyer friend, as well as some UC cops to come to Ethan's restaurant, Ethan confronts him, Corey freaks out and hits Ethan, and gets carted off to jail, and cue the happily ever after music, everything is just peachy keen now.

We don't really learn anything about either man, other than Ethan is small, shy, afraid, and is a chef, and Dominic is large, sweet, and a doctor. We aren't told if Dominic dated anyone else through the years, or if he always waited for Ethan. They are never shown to interact with anyone else, and even the conversation about what happened to Ethan was glossed over, we weren't party to what he said, OR his conversation with his attacker later in the story.

This story had potential, but it just needs a LOT of work.