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This was another hot menage with BDSM elements story set around hot military men. The sex was hot and plentiful after the halfway point, and I liked all the characters. However, after a while in this series, all the men start to feel alike. As much as I like hot alpha males, I like Jakes' spin off series about Prophet & Tom much better, it just feels more cohesive to me, put together better.

But Shane and Reed and Keith were hot together, even if I don't understand Shane and Reed's need to be spanked once in a while to let things go.


Light BDSM, just some spanking and dominance. I still don't really get it, but it is hot to read about.

The story confused me at times, like early on, Reed and Keith saw prints outside that showed someone had been watching them for weeks, but then that was dropped. I'm assuming it was the guy after Shane, but I always felt more would come out of that scene, but it never did. And then Reed fighting so hard to get Keith to let Shane join them because it felt right, then feeling jealous and insecure once it happened. I also didn't really get Reed getting so pissed once Shane finally told him the whole truth, because Reed and Keith had said the whole time that Shane wasn't telling them everything, was holding something back, and they knew someone was after him. So how could Reed then be so pissed at what he was hiding and that he might have led danger to them without giving them time to prepare? They KNEW something was likely coming.

And can I just rant a little bit about the TWENTY MINUTES/45 pages(according to me reading app) of ads at the end of the book for other books in the series? Dear Samhain, if I'm reading book 5 in a series, I've most likely already read books 1-4, I don't need you to sell them to me.