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I greatly enjoyed watching Daniel come into his own. For a 300 year old vampire, he wasn't very sure in himself, in spite of how he looked on the outside, and after the fight a few months ago, he was even more unsure of himself.

Ryu had been in love with Daniel for so long, he had long given up hope of that love one day being returned, but suddenly Daniel is looking at him differently, in the way Ryu had always wanted to see.

I also enjoyed having the story with Isaac and Troy reach it's end, although did it really? I have a feeling we will be seeing more of Troy, hopefully with the newly introduced Niven. There seemed a bit of sequel bait there.

My only niggle is one I have with a lot of SJ Frost's work- the guys seemed a bit overly sappy in their love, the things they say to each other. I tried to tell myself it was their age, but I just don't know if anyone, male or female, really talks that way, no matter their age.