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In this book, we are once again back with Andreas and Titus, one of the hottest vampires I know, and his human (not for long!) lover. These stories are always very sweet and sexy, but I did think that this one fell into the trap that Frost has sometimes of being TOO sappy sweet. I just don't know any real men who act and talk this way, always with the hugging and embracing and cuddling and talk about love and feelings.

In this one, Andreas is finally ready to become a vampire, but of course, things are never easy. It seems things are always happening around these guys. This time, another member of the Tribunal, the vampire's ruling board or whatever, is out to use Andreas and Titus to further his own gains, so once again, we have kidnapping and action and mayhem, but it was only a small part of this story. It was more about the continuing story of Titus and Andreas and their love, and what it really means to become a vampire and gain eternal life and love.