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I really enjoyed this little number, and will totally be checking out other books by these authors. Mark was forced to move to America when his mother gets remarried, and his stepfather wants him to pledge his old fraternity. Mark is pretty clueless, and also pretty angry about his situation. He vows to make the frat cut him, he won't give anyone the satisfaction of making him quit.

Deacon is a member of the frat next door, and doesn't even know Mark is pledging his frat's rival when they meet, but that doesn't stop them from hooking up, and a really sweet, HOT kind of relationship grows between these two guys.

I loved watching how Mark grew through this book, realizing that maybe the whole frat brother thing wasn't as bad as he thought, and all his claims of being a crap boyfriend aside, he was pretty good with Deke, too. Mark was very off the wall, you never knew what he was going to say or do, and I think Deacon really needed that. Deacon has his own issues, with his OCD mother, mostly absentee father, and brother in the middle east. He needed someone like Mark to help him to just let go a little bit, and have fun. He also needs to be needed, and Mark definitely needed Deacon to ground him a little but, and to take care of him.

And can we talk about the sex? Because I don't normally like the things that happened in this book, but oh man, did I like it here. I loved how neither guy had ever thought about having any of the kinks they started to explore together, and I loved how they learned together, and how they TALKED about things. Who knew a kink for women's clothes would come out of the pledge's being forced to dress in french maid outfits? Certainly not Deacon, and Mark NEVER expected to like it! Or the spanking, but they found that could be fun too, and so did I