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Of Paradise and Perfection - Alaana Fair I really enjoyed this one. It's ten years after the war, Harry is married to Ginny, they have two daughters, but neither are happy. Harry is still doing what he thinks is expected of him, instead of what he really wants. Finally, Ginny sends him away on a vacation on his own, so he can figure things out, and there he runs into Draco, who disappeared that night on the astronomy tower.

This Draco is a lot different from the Draco we know, but it made sense, considering the life he's led for the past ten years, but he still retained a bit of what made Draco great. It's more of an older, wiser, more mellow Draco here.

This story takes place completely on the island where Draco runs a bar, and only contains the interactions between Draco and Harry, and Draco's island friends. In a way, I wish we had been able to see more about Harry's life back home, but I did get what the writer was going for, and it worked.