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I really enjoyed this book, a wonderful start to what I hope is a great series about ex-Special Forces and the women who love them.


This book was about Nick Rixey and Becca Merritt. Rixey served under Becca's dad, until a betrayal ripped his team apart, a betrayal caused by Becca's dad himself. Severely injured, forced out of the Army in disgrace, Nick is a bit bitter, and just getting by, the day Becca comes into his brother's tattoo shop, looking for his help.


Becca's brother Charlie has gone missing, and he sent Becca one message- go to Rixey for help. Rixey wants nothing to do with any Merritt though, and sends Becca on her way. Feeling guilty though, he goes to check on her, just in time to save her from a home invasion.


He agrees to help her find her brother, and hopes all this will also lead to answers that will clear his team. His team (what's left of it anyway) comes together to help Becca, AND themselves, out of this mess.


While this book DOES end with a happy lovey for Becca and Nick, the bigger story is just beginning, as the guys are trying to find out just what Becca's dad was into, and how to clear their name and keep Becca and Charlie safe.


This book had a little bit of everything- some angt, as Nick doesn't feel worthy of Becca, Becca's brother is missing, she has a sad history of her own, some humor, action, and of course good sexy time. For some people, it might be a bit too slow burny, as Becca and Nick don't really get together til over halfway through the book, but I liked the slower burn. (slow in pages, the book actually all takes place in about a week- another caution to people who don't like stories where people fall in love too quickly)


I am quite anxious to read the rest of this series, and really hope for a bit of a spin off or side story, featuring Becca's brother Charlie and Nick's brother Jeremy. I don't see why else a point would have been made of Charlie being gay and Nick being bi, amiright?