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This was a sweet little second chances romance. Riley never got over Stan, even though they broke up five years ago. There have been other men, but no one ever measured up to Stan for Riley. They didn't even break up because they didn't love each other, they just wanted very different things out of life. Where Riley was hung up on city life and his career, Stan HATED the city, and wanted to get back to nature, and finally he does just that, leaving Riley devastated.


Now, after all this time, Stan is back, but just for two weeks. The chemistry is as hot as ever, and even the feelings of love are still there, but they still want different things. Can these guys manage to find some common ground?


This book had me laughing out loud a few times. From seagull shit to a Santa suit, poor Riley had some questionable wardrobe malfunctions, and it was always funny. While they obviously still love each other, both men are bitter, so they spend the first bit of the story sniping at each other, and it was bloody good fun. Hey, it's a very British novel (even with some Doctor Who references!), I can say bloody good on this review. Even with all the sniping, Riley and Stan can't keep their hands off each other, and I was just as heartbroken as Riley and Stan when Stan's two weeks were up.