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Avid reader, part time gamer. I read and review books for other readers, not for authors. I review mostly M/M books, so if that doesn't float your boat, well, there are other boats in the sea, other reviewers in this great blogosphere!

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I gave this a reread today, so I can read Good Boy, Brad and Sebastian's sequel. It was just as good the second time around! If you're looking for something light and fluffy, but not so sweet it makes your teeth hurt, this is the book/series for you. It made me laugh out loud, when Brad was trying to figure out if he was really gay, it made me cry a little bit when he didn't think he was good enough for Seb, and it made me give a happy sigh at the end. Just perfect! Very light angst, humor, hot sex, good writing, what more can a woman want?