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Sheldon Cooper, is that you?


That's all I kept thinking the entire time I was reading this novella. The MC, Brendon was so much like Sheldon. Very into his work, super smart, finished school at a very young age, had his doctorate by 21, and now, at 23 is a college professor. He doesn't do well in social situations, doesn't pick up on things like facial expressions, sarcasm, or most jokes. The big differences between Sheldon and Brendon is Brendon DOES seem very aware of how different he is, how hard it is for him to make friends, and how lonely he is. He isn't self absorbed at all, except for when it comes to his work, and he seems to care about other people.


He meets Josh, the new assistant football coach, who takes an immediate liking to Brendon, although Brendon doesn't understand why. He convinces Brendon to go out with him, and pursues a relationship with him. I didn't really get what Josh saw in Brendon, but I went with it, and the story was fairly nice, if a bit bland. Not sure if I'll read the next in the series. I do like geek/opposite stories though, so who knows?