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This shortie was just adorable. It had a bit more depth than I expected, and was more a few days in the life of a couple of guys who liked each other and struggled with how to show it than a full fledged fall into love, but I liked it a lot.

 Tavio was in the military, and you get the impression he has some kind of injury, although it was never detailed at all. It's not first person, but is told from Tavio's POV, and he thinks about how he never did talk much, but mentions now how gravelly and rough his voice sounds, so it just makes me think maybe he was hurt?


Tavio works in a coffee shop where Tommy has been coming in every day for the past year. Tommy is this really kind of talkative, in your face, hot geek, who always takes the time to flirt with Tavio while Tavio makes his coffee, and so Tavio has to wonder, is it just him, or is Tommy like that with everyone? Tommy seems willing to strike up a conversation with anyone, and the type to talk a person's ear off about a bunch of mindless trivia, but he seems pretty clueless about real flirting with intent with a man he likes.


Finally, Tommy works up the nerve to invite Tavio to his daughter's little league game, where they have their first "date". We get no details beyond a kiss(a HOT kiss) and the idea that they spent the weekend together, and then this cute little story was over.


I would love to know more details about these two men, Tavio's time in the military (as well as Tommy's- he alluded to a dishonorable gay discharge), Tommy and his daughter, and just more of these two really getting to know each other outside of the coffee house where Tavio works, but the shot we got was still very sweet and I think anyone looking to pass a little time would be happy with this story.