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Very Easy Read for a Saturday Afternoon

Tattoos & Teacups - Anna  Martin

This book was just...easy. Like sliding into an old, comfy pair of jeans. I wouldn't call it fluff exactly, but it's just about the furthest thing from angsty as can be. It was really just the day to day life of a couple of guys meeting, going out, falling in love, and building a life together. No big misunderstandings, no great traumas, no major conflicts. Even when Chris left for a few months for his band, you never had the sense that things wouldn't return to normal. When he just showed back up one day, months later, I wasn't even surprised. Even the ending came about softly and comfortably.

My only real complaints were the passing of time, which confused me at times, and Rob's age. He was 32 going on 50, he just had a bit of "distinguished older man" to him, which I don't normally think of in a 30 year old. As to the time, sometimes it felt like Rob and Chris had been together for quite a while, talk had been had about taking things slowly, I love yous were exchanged, and then it was stated that they had been together about a month. Also a few little editing things, like "leaching" instead of "leeching", face cream and a magazine apparently in the fridge, based on how the sentence was written, and four people named referred to as the three of them in the next sentence. Nothing real big, just little niggles that I noticed.


I would definitely recommend this to someone who's looking for just an easy, sweet(but by no means sappy)read, but don't go in expecting any real conflict.