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DNF EDITED Nov 1 2013

Stricken Desire (Stricken Rock) - S.K. Logsdon

I have to DNF this one. Hell, I didn't really even get started. Just a few pages in, the writing is HORRIBLE (commas are your friends, authors!), and even though I keep trying to get my interest back into it, I just can't.


So I'm not going to rate it, since I only read the first few pages, but if you decide to try it out, proceed with caution. Don't believe all the glowing 5 star reviews, because the sentence structure is just so bad. Even if the story itself is awesome, no way is this worth 5 freaking stars.


Underneath the spoiler tag is the first, oh so painful paragraph. Maybe I'm being too picky? Naaah!


Edited Nov 1st to add screenshots taken directly from my copy of the ebook, opened in Calibre. It displays the same way on my reader, I did NOT delete any commas or edit the passage I posted in any way, and I resent being accused of doing so.






Standing in the front row of this hot as hell outdoor venue in Las Vegas I think my skin is about to melt off. July in Vegas wearing a gray tweed jacket and matching pencil skirt embroidered with big pink roses what was I thinking? I should have probably went with less clothes but I wanted to appear half professional when I finally get the chance to introduce myself to the band. I’d finally stepped up in the world. Luck of the draw as I see it. Thanks to my very friendly, very male best friend Stacy. He works the music biz and is a road manager to Stricken an overnight rock phenomenon. With eight years’ total experience under his belt he was plucked specifically for this job four years ago once the band catapulted into stardom. But now it’s been too much to handle. With his mom sick deteriorating thanks to dementia he was forced to place her in the best nursing home money could buy. All because he’s been so busy that he hasn’t had the ability to take care of her himself. Not that she deserves it.

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