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This book frustrated me. On the one hand, I really liked Noah and all his friends. They had personality, they were hot, funny, sweet, a bit rough around the edges, and just plain fun to read about.


But then there was the heroine, Grace, who I couldn't stand. She was just such a passive character, she really had NO personality. She talks about how she can't stand uncertainty, but she's been dithering about picking a major in college, she's afraid to submit her photos to the Art program, and she just kind of drifts through life.


Grace and Noah actually met through letters. He was a soldier in the Middle East, and Grace was assigned to write to a soldier for a class, and Noah was who she got. They wrote each other for four years, during which time they fell in love, but in the end, Noah sent Grace a "Dear Jane" letter, saying they were better off as friends. He did this because he felt unworthy of Grace, and wanted time to get himself together for her.


Grace, who has never met this guy, never even Skyped or talked to him on the phone, was heartbroken, and moped around for months before she finally started to get over it. I don't really get being so crushed over someone you've never met.


I was also disappointed that we barely got any of the actual falling in love. We see a few of the letters, mostly the ones that Noah wrote to Grace, but I didn't see anything really emotional, any kind of real relationship forming.  Nothing that should have been the basis for Grace wangsting around heartbroken for over a year, and for the amount of shit that she gave Noah when he came back into her life.


The story was written well enough, and I was totally invested in Noah and if he would get his girl, but I do wish that he had been given a more worthy girl than Grace. I just didn't see what he fell for.