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Avid reader, part time gamer. I read and review books for other readers, not for authors. I review mostly M/M books, so if that doesn't float your boat, well, there are other boats in the sea, other reviewers in this great blogosphere!

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Invisible to See - FayJay Cute and lots of fun. An AU type of story, where Draco escapes from his father and Voldy, comes back to school, but lives under a cloud of suspicion. His friends won't talk to him, his enemies won't talk to him, but he manages to form an odd, cute friendship with Neville, and a sexual relationship of sorts with a Hufflepuff that I never trusted for a second.

Harry is also quite suspicious at first, but he sees things that make him believe Draco is innocent of the odd goings on at Hogwarts, and eventually falls for the Slytherin. (oh god, reading too much fic if I just typed that- The Slytherin!). In the end, I wanted more, because the fic ended just as Harry and Draco were finally getting together. Searched, but alas, I found nothing else set after this one.