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Once again, I feel like I am going against the tide of reviewers on this one. People all seem to really love this book, but it just missed the mark for me. I really adored Danny, everything about him. He makes no apologies for who he is, take him as he is or go fuck yourself. Gotta love that kind of self confidence.


Danny is fabulous. He is very out, very proud. He wears makeup and teases his hair, he wears clothes out of the junior girls section, but in spite of this, you never forget that Danny is all man, he never comes across as too femme, even in all his made up beautiful glory.

But then there is Lance, and that is where this story fell flat for me. Lance is a straight boy jock. He plays football, and is good enough that he has very high hopes to be drafted into the NFL. Lance was basically a nice guy, a straight guy, but he's attracted to Danny. Is he attracted to Danny the man, or Danny the pretty makeup wearing person? Both times Lance had found himself attracted to a man, it's been a "pretty" man, a man in makeup, one was even pulling off a job as a female stripper. It took too long to figure out who Lance really wanted, for Danny, and for this reader. I also thought Lance just treated Danny like crap, like his dirty little secret. I get that it would be hard to be gay and be who Lance wanted to be, but Danny deserved better than Lance was willing to give him. Even at the end, Lance seemed to be unwilling to be out and proud with Danny. I also thought Danny forgave Lance too easily once Lance finally pulled his head out of his ass. One "I love you and we should be together" and Danny is crawling all over him. I'd need better groveling than that.

So this story gets 3 stars for me for Danny, and loses a star for Lance and for the too quick and easy ending.